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中石油華東2015年春季學期《大學英語2》在線考試(適用于2015年6月份考試) 答案... (3)

LOL电竞比分网 中石油華東2015年春季學期《大學英語2》在線考試 (適用于2015年6月份考試) 答案

一、單選題(共 30 道試題,共 30 分。)

1. —I’m glad you like it. Please drop in any time you like. — __________

A. Yes, I will.

B. I’m afraid I won’t be free.

C. Is it all right?

D. That’s great.

正確答案: A 滿分:1 分得分:1

2. The strike is said ______ by the government’s negligence of the people’s welfare.

A. to be caused

B. to cause

C. being caused

D. to have been caused

正確答案: D 滿分:1 分得分:1

3. They _____ on the program for almost one week before i joined them, and now we _____ on it as no good results have come out so far.

A. had been working; are still working

B. had worked; were still working

C. have been working; have worked

D. have worked; are still working

正確答案: A 滿分:1 分得分:1

4. If I ______ there tomorrow, I would see you.

A. will go

B. go

C. should go

D. can go

正確答案: C 滿分:1 分得分:1

5. Sports, ______ perhaps you don’t like very much, may make you strong.

A. that

B. it

C. which

D. what

正確答案: C 滿分:1 分得分:1

6. — George, I would like to introduce a friend of mine, if I may: Albert Snow. Albert, this is George Smith. — ____________

A. How have you been?

B. Pleased to meet you, George.

C. Mind if call you George?

D. The pleasure’s mine.

正確答案: B 滿分:1 分得分:1

7. The price of the shares will _________ the number of people who want to buy